Patisserie Products

Place your order below or get in touch if you’d like something more tailored to you. Our range of Floofy Patisserie products will have you spoiling your pupper and pawty guests.

Here at Floofy Patisserie we are all about healthy, natural and tasty treats for your furry friends. Our products are made to be gentle on your pooches tummy so they can enjoy the treat AND the special occasion. We use human grade products only and are completely safe to eat (outside of peanut allergies).

Floofy Cookies & Banana Woofles

We have three delicious flavours of cookies pawfect for snacking or sharing. Our bone cookies come in a pack of 4 and they can come individually as a gift at barkday parties. Just email us for more information.

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Doggie Doughnuts

Our Doggie Doughnuts are best sellers. They are come in two great sizes so they are pawfect for every sized pupper. They are made with human grade ingredients and contain no sugar and salt.

Cake Pops & Special Treats

A unique way to celebrate!

Disclaimer – Heavy use of peanut butter is used in our kitchen so if you have an allergy we may not be safe for you. Floofy x